What are cookies?

Cookies are individual text files sent by visited websites and saved on the end user’s device. Information contained in cookie files can be only read by the website which created those files. The website does not have access to any other files saved on the end user’s computer.

Why does https://markel.pl use cookie files?

Cookies used on https://markel.pl allow for adjusting information displayed on the website and personalising the presented content. Cookies make it possible to specify the preferences of individual users, which allows us to continuously improve the quality of our service. We do not use cookies to contact you via telephone, e-mail or traditional mail.

Examples of the use of cookies at https://www.markel.pl
  • utilisation of a mechanism designed to learn about the user’s preferences
  • measuring website traffic with a Google Analytics code – more information can be found at www.google.com/intl/pl/policies/technologies/cookies/ www.google.com/intl/pl/policies/technologies/types/
  • adjusting the contents of the website to the user’s preference and optimisation of their experience with the website; in particular, these files allow for recognising the device of the Website User and display a website adjusted to their individual needs;
What types of cookies do we use?

https://www.markel.pl can use two types of cookie files:

  • persistent cookies – they remain on the end user’s device until they are removed manually by the user or reach the end of the expiry period defined in the file parameters
  • session cookies – they remain on the end user’s device until the user turns off the software (web browser) or leaves the website

The user can change their web browser settings so that it will not accept cookie files or it will inform the user about their transmission. Information about cookie files and possible configurations can be found in your web browser settings.

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