Markel is a leading Polish company dealing in comprehensive supply of customers with semiconductor components such as: power diodes, thyristors, electroinsulated modules, IGBT transistors and power blocks for power electronic converters.

The main goal of our company to is to provide modern and reliable products for our customers. In the age of green technology and energy efficiency maximisation, there is nothing more important than reliability of power electronic components. We offer semiconductor components from all global manufacturers, such as Hitachi, Vishay, Semikron, ABB, Infineon, Diotec, Westcode, Ixys, Mitsubishi, Powerex, Powersem, Sanrex, Lamina, Dynex Power, Estel, International Rectifier, Microsemi, SanRex

Power semiconductor elements

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Radosław Sobieski 11 March 2020

Power electronic system for energy management in fast charging of energy storage devices. MARKEL has begun industrial research and development work on “power electronic system for…

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